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Calling on Governor Murphy to #LetThemGo

As the campaign progressed, we created a petition and corresponding letter calling on Governor Murphy to exhibit compassion to those who are most vulnerable to the virus, particularly the elderly, individuals with pre-existing physical and mental health conditions, pregnant people, and our youth who are currently incarcerated.

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Equal Rights Amendment: How Long Must We Wait?

Equal Rights Amendment: How Long Must We Wait?

In 1923, Alice Paul, a leader of the women’s suffrage movement from Mount Laurel, New Jersey, introduced the Equal Rights Amendment in Seneca Falls, New York, the site of the first women’s rights convention in 1848. The proposed amendment would guarantee that the rights affirmed by the United States Constitution are held equally by all citizens without regard to their sex, and it was introduced to Congress that year and reintroduced in every subsequent session for half a century.

Run Against the Machine:                                                       Arati Kreibich for Congress – NJ’s 5th Congressional District

Quesada and Mahmoud for General Assembly in New Jersey’s 32nd District.

There is no more difficult district in which to mount a primary challenge to the hand-picked cronies of a notorious New Jersey party boss.  As such, there is no better place for Force the Issue NJ to focus on for the first installment of a new series we are calling Run Against the Machine.

Our first contestants …err… candidates are dedicated Hudson County activists Roger Quesada and Mahmoud Mahmoud.  Joining forces under the banner of PTA – People. Transparency. Action – Quesada and Mahmoud are running an energetic and passionate insurgent progressive campaign to win the Democratic Primary on June 4th.  

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