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Force the Issue NJ was founded in July of 2016 by former volunteers for the Bernie Sanders campaign in Hudson County, NJ. Our organization is open to all who believe that participatory democracy cannot be limited to the choices we make in the voting booth or the noises we make at a protest rally, but must also encompass a holistic view of social activism, including political action, civic engagement and volunteer service, where we put our progressive ideals to work to improve our communities, our nation and our world.

Our goal is to serve to build and sustain an independent, unified and credible progressive movement throughout New Jersey.  We believe that such a movement can only be successful if it is broadly-based and draws strength from each constituency and community.  We believe that a well-organized progressive coalition in the Garden State can play an effective role by amplifying the strength of worthy organizations, movements and campaigns, and empowering the individual volunteer, activist or citizen to find opportunities to make an impact, wherever and whenever they can.

Our mission is to develop and host interactive online platforms to help volunteers, activists and citizens connect with organizations and organizers that are active in the state of New Jersey.

While we are building our new website, the best way to engage with us is by either following us on Facebook or submitting a message through our contact form. Thanks!

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