We are excited to unveil the beta version of our Directory of Progressive & Community Organizations! So excited in fact, that we forgot to come up with a more concise and catchy name for it. If you have any suggestions that you don’t mind us stealing, feel free to share them with us by email.

For now, we cordially invite you to give our Directory a shot. We have about 100 organizations in our data-set so far and you can filter them to your hearts content under Search by Type: by selecting any combination of name, type, county/region, keyword (for more specific issues) and the volunteer skills these organizations are seeking. Or you can flip to the “Search by Location” tab and zoom in for a closer view!

While we continue to expand the data-set and improve the functionality of this platform, we are confident that this Directory will become a critical tool in connecting Activists with Organizations in New Jersey! If you are as excited about this as we are, there are several ways you can help:

Build the Data-Set! Submit your own Organization or any number of Organizations you are passionate about here! We will upload them to the Directory and include them in any new Platforms we develop!

Donate! While all of the effort that has gone into Force the Issue NJ so far has been a labor of love by our Board Members and Volunteers, our goal is to eventually operate the organization as a sustainable non-profit business. Every dollar you donate will go towards improving these Platforms and building towards our sustainability goal. Donate safely and securely here!

Developers, Techies and Friends! We need you to join our efforts to build the infrastructure for a progressive future in New Jersey! We have a few projects in the works currently which you could help with and we are open to your ideas on creating more Platforms for Progress! If you are interested please drop us a line via email.

Everyone Else! Help us continue to make our presence known via social media. You can like, follow and share with us on Facebook and Twitter!