Dr. Martin Luther King is often celebrated as a moral leader in the crusade for civil rights with less focus going to his practical and tactical skills as a community organizer.  We take our inspiration from both his moral leadership, but learn our most valuable lessons from his strategic and pragmatic view that organization precedes action.  All the righteous moral outrage in the world will not amount to much more than an expression of pain, if that outrage isn’t organized into effective and persistent action.

To celebrate Dr.  King’s birthday, we are proud to present our first Platform for Progress –  an interactive map identifying progressive groups across New Jersey focused on the critically important mid-term elections in 2018.  While there are many worthy causes to fight for and great opportunities to serve in New Jersey – we hope that all progressives in the state take the time to formule a strategy to maximize their impact on flipping the House of Representatives in 2018.  Check out the map here to find your district and hook up with an action group dedicated to making change in 2018!

A few weeks ago, we joined with our friends in NJ-08 for Progress among other great local groups to discuss strategy for progressives in the 8th and 10th Congressional Districts.  Being in a “deep blue” part of the state, we began planning how we could support candidates in our neighboring districts and across the state.  We determined the best way to do that was to pool our resources and coordinate our efforts to support Fundraising, Voter Registration, Phone-Banking and Canvassing.  If you live in the 8th or 10th districts and want to join this effort which we are dubbing “Progressive Voltron” – please sign up for the mailing list here.

While we here at Force the Issue NJ join these efforts ourselves – and encourage you to do the same – we remain focused on continuing to strengthen our foundation and develop our organizational capacity to serve as a true and dedicated hub of progressive and community-focused activity here in NJ.  We have recently received a formal determination by the IRS confirming our 501(c)4 status.  Our first major platform, an interactive and crowd-sourced Directory of Progressive and Community organizations is being prepared for launch, and we are excited to be working with talented graphic and web designers to enhance and improve this website.  We are even working on a monthly podcast which we hope to debut within the next month or so!

We hope you remain equally dedicated to this long-term but necessary effort to build a solid infrastructure for progressive action and activism around New Jersey, and ask you to take some time today to reflect and recommit to supporting our goals by:

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Thank  you for your support!